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Sean O’Brien, Director of operations at Eagles Flight Center, joins Dr. Bunny to discuss teaching kids and disabled veterans how to fly!

Eagles Flying Club has over 2,000 members worldwide with 7 locations!  Sean tells us how he got started with the club in 1971 and how it has grown. A fascinating story!

So, how can a disabled person in a wheelchair fly a plane?  Tune in and learn more about this awesome program!

Interested in helping?  Here’s how:
At Eagles Flight Center, we offer kids at risk the opportunity to learn to fly. With $125,000 a year job offers at the end of our program. Eagles Flight Center for students 13 through 19 years old. We will also be teaching Disabled Veterans who are wanting to learn to fly.

‪The Eagles Glider flying club is about Empowering today’s Youth and Veterans with Education and Confidence to achieve their Goals in Life. Leading to a great Careers and Financial Futures in Aviation. ‬

Eagles Flight Center now requests your help in locating any students you feel would benefit from this program as well as fulfill their dream to fly.

Eagles Flight Center is also seeking corporate and/or private parties to financially aid in this important endeavor.  Please contact Eagles Flight Center directly regarding funding, support and to discuss the opportunity to sponsor a Student or a Veteran for the training program.  Talk about bragging rights at school. ‪ GoFundMe:
Calls should be made directly to Sean O’Brien at Eagles Flight Center 415-328-8122 or E-mail:

Contact Dr. Bunny Vreeland at (805) 482-8111 or E-mail:
Also visit:

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