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Dr. Mort Berkowitz, hypnotherapist, stage hypnotist and all-around amazing person, joins Dr. Bunny to discuss his 6 steps to improving your life and seizing your greatness – and so much more!

Dr. Mort shares details about the 6 steps and ways you can put them in action today. He also tells us how he got started in hypnosis and shares some great stories!

Tune in and prepare to be inspired!

About Dr. Mort Berkowitz:

Dr. Mort Berkowitz, RH, CH has been a certified hypnotherapist and stage hypnotist for over 50 years. He is the founder of the Medical Hypnosis Centers in Los Angeles, Oklahoma City and Phoenix. He is past President of the California Professional Hypnotists’ Association and past Vice President of ASPH.

Mort developed the highly successful smoking cessation program used by the American Cancer Society and is former chairman of the Adult Education Committee of the American Cancer Society. He was presented with the coveted “Lifesaver Award” by that organization for his dedication to save lives, the only hypnotherapist to ever receive this award.

Mort was named “Hypnotist to the Stars” for his work in helping Hollywood celebrities and professional athletes. He was host of “Success Line”, interview and self-help show on KCNN radio.

As a stage hypnotist, Mort has taken his show to every state in the country and has performed over 1,000 gigs at college campuses, corporate banquets, state and county fairs, and as a headliner in major comedy clubs. He was nominated for the prestigious “Entertainer of the Year” award by the National Association of Colleges and Universities.

Contact Dr. Mort Berkowitz by e-mail: or by phone: (602)339-1302

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