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Devon Sophia, Sound Healing Practitioner, joins Dr. Bunny Vreeland for a very interesting discussion on sound healing and more.

Devon Sophia tells us what she’s been up to lately and is excited to announce that she’s now offering sound healing at Soul Body, in Ojai. She will be having a private in-person sound bath session on November 4th, for up to 3 people, at Soul Body.

On November 11th, Devon Sophia will be offering a group sound bath at Yoga Jones in Ventura. Space is limited to 14 people and you can register on the Yoga Jones website:

Not sure what a ‘sound bath’ is? Tune in to learn more as Devon Sophia shares details about her very unique and special therapy.

About Devon Sophia:

Devon Sophia Delaney is a creative artist, teacher, and holistic healing practitioner. Devon Sophia is a nurturing, growing, ever evolving, and enriching educator. She is an intuitive receiver and messenger of divine feminine wisdom. A certified Reiki master, her healing practices also include vocal sound toning, meditation, affirmative prayer, and divination arts.  Devon holds a Master’s degree in Education which she combines with her healing modalities to create a powerful program for Holistic Education.

Devon Sophia Delaney has some training in Curative Education with Robyn Brown, and participated in the Waldorf Teacher Training with the Center for Educational Renewal, “an in-depth study of Rudolf Steiner’s works and the arts is an essential part of the training, through which students are better able to understand human development, the Waldorf Curriculum, oneself and the times in which we live. (Center for Educational Renewal)”  Curative Education is the deepening of Waldorf Education, it is a healing approach to teaching.  “Curative Education takes a very individualistic and holistic approach to each child. Generally the teacher attempts, through artistic expression, to bring those aspects of body, soul and spirit, which are out of balance, back into equilibrium. This is often, but not exclusively, done by emphasizing those elements of colour, movement, form and sound which embody the opposing polarity to that characterized by the child. Through this process the child is helped to develop a healthy sense of self. (Steiner Education Australia)” 

About Pure Love Holistic Arts:

Delaney Holistic Arts, formerly Rise In Love, is also now known as Pure Love Holistic Arts, and is a holistic wellness center for Wellness in Body, Mind, Heart and Soul.  Pure Love Holistic Arts offers services in the areas of sound healing, expressive arts, holistic education, and energy alignment.

This is the origin and message of Rise In Love :

At our core, we are all perfect, whole, and complete just as we are.   For 26,000 years we experienced every possible version of ourselves, through ancestors, DNA, and our own personal experiences.  Now, in this moment, the pendulum is swiftly swinging in return to Love. We are called to Love because only Love is Real.

The energy pathways are all in service to return us all to Love.  I am, but one human, on the Earth, that heard the call like many of you to Rise in Love.  To learn to release judgement, to learn to forgive and to learn to trust again. The energy of the Divine Feminine is supporting the evolution of humanity through light, hue and frequency, all in Divine Love.

We are all teachers and students of life, and are on unique pathways converging at one point to Rise In Love.

Devon Sophia

Contact Devon Sophia at (805) 515-8732, E-mail:,

Also visit Devon Sophia at Soul Body in Ojai:

Contact Dr. Bunny Vreeland at (805) 216-6773 or E-mail:
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