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Junod Etienne joins Dr. Bunny via phone from New York, to discuss Junod’s unique approach to hypnosis.

In Junod’s hypnosis practice, he factors in the conscious mind, as well as the subconscious mind.  He thinks of the conscious and the subconscious mind as husband and wife – a relationship.  This way of thinking, for Junod, goes back to his involvement with an organization called the Institute for Hermetic Philosophy (IHP).

Tune in for a very special interview and prepare to be inspired!

Junod  mentioned Dr. Darío Salas Sommer, the founder of the Institute for Hermetic Philosophy.  Learn more at:

About the Institute for Hermetic Philosophy:

We are a worldwide community of people who are dedicated to living life at a higher level of consciousness. We learn to explore our inner worlds to develop wisdom through practical exercises and a proven step-by-step curriculum that, when followed, consistently produces profound results in each person.

IHP fosters hope for a better world, peace and mutual understanding among all human beings, of all races, gender, religion, country or social status. We believe that by increasing our own levels of conscious awareness, we can change the lives of our families, our surroundings, and the world for the better.

About Dr. Darío Salas Sommer:

Dr. Darío Salas Sommer (March 4, 1935 – February 3, 2018) was the founder of the Institute for Hermetic Philosophy and Director of the global activities. He was a Chilean philosopher, scientist and humanist who was committed to the progress of humanity and to the internal development of the human being for more than four decades.

He devoted his life to the study of human consciousness, and he wrote about a very practical form of personal development that he referred to as “Operative Philosophy,” through which one can harmoniously develop oneself in the areas of spirituality, love, money, happiness and wisdom, along with many other positive attributes.

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