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Healer Doris Muna joins Dr. Bunny to discuss healing essences and how they may help a person with a myriad of different challenges.

Doris has a company called Dorothea Healing and she makes all of her healing essences by hand. She explains the difference between an essence and an essential oil, and tells us that the essence holds healing powers that may help the soul.  Doris also shares interesting information on the process of creating an essence.

Tune in and learn how these wonderful essences may be a helpful tool in your life. A fascinating and informative interview you don’t want to miss!

About Doris Muna:
Doris is a third generation healer with over 25 years of experience. She studied with different master from all over the world to bring an understanding of how energy affects our health and wellbeing.
Doris’s philosophy is to find the reason for the disease or imbalance in the body. She does not believe in the “band-aid” approach and likes to dig into what is causing the discomfort or discord. She deals with various conditions for people, pets and the environment (Feng Shui).
Doris does all her sessions via phone/internet.  Healing from the comfort of your home.
Contact Doris Muna at (805) 807-3097
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