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American rabbi, award winning speaker, and award winning author, Bonnie Lawrence joins Dr. Bunny to discuss her book “Who Stole Your Crayons®? The Journey From Brokenness to Love“.

Bonnie shares the story of her own journey from brokenness to love, and why one of the biggest challenges in life can be to face ourselves. She also explains why she believes that, although we are all broken inside, it is possible for all of us to grow, transform, and change to realize a meaningful life and higher purpose.

Tune in and learn what “Who Stole Your Crayons®? ” means and how it may apply in your life.

A wonderfully inspirational interview!

About Bonnie Lawrence:

Bonnie Lawrence is an American rabbi, award winning speaker, and the award winning author of the book: Messages That Matter. She is also the author of Who Stole Your Crayons®? The Journey From Brokenness to Love.

Her spiritual art has been displayed by the prestigious San Clemente Artists Association art gallery and proudly hangs in the homes of prominent spiritual leaders in southern California. As a Reiki master, she infuses her art with the Reiki healing energies to provide a sense of well-being, internal calmness, caring and positive emotions. She is available to create Reiki infused commissioned artworks for your life.

As an attorney, Bonnie helped hundreds of her clients attain their financial goals and protect their assets. As an executive life coach and mentor, she has helped her clients find their true calling in life.

Rabbi Bonnie was ordained in 2013 by Rabbi Steven Blane, the founder and dean of the Jewish Spiritual Leaders Institute. She is the founder and Rabbi at, a Jewish spiritual community dedicated to helping Jews reconnect with this spiritual truth and beauty of Judaism. The community is open to all who sincerely want to study Judaism as a spiritual path.

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