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Junod Etienne joins Dr. Bunny via phone from New York, to discuss Junod’s unique approach to hypnosis.

In Junod’s coaching practice, he factors in the conscious mind, as well as the subconscious mind. He thinks of the conscious and the subconscious mind as husband and wife – a relationship. This way of thinking, for Junod, goes back to his involvement with internal work and personal self development.
Tune in for a very special interview and prepare to be inspired!
About Junod:
For years Junod studied diligently with some of the best practitioners in the world, learning the most powerful and effective techniques to help people overcome inner obstacles, yet his approach is evolving, and is constantly guided by a dedication to internal work and personal development. He endeavors to give the conscious mind as much attention as the subconscious mind, since both have to work in harmony within one’s inner world. He calls this approach Consciousness Coaching.
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