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Carolyn Osborn, Certified Medical Intuitive Practitioner, joins Dr. Bunny to discuss her upcoming e-book. Carolyn’s e-book is about the spirit of incorporating energy medicine into your life, with the tools of being preventative, proactive and having a practice to put that into place – with your animals and with yourself.

Carolyn’s e-book discusses what energy medicine is, how it works, why it’s beneficial, and how it can be of assistance. She shares several stories about her own life in the book – how she got into this and why it is so important and personal to her. She also shares a very interesting story with us about receiving a message from a horse and the consequences of not listening.

Tune in for a fun, uplifting and informative interview!


About Carolyn Osborn:

As a Certified Medical Intuitive Practitioner (CMIP), Carolyn uses her Intuitive skills and in-depth training to assess what is going on in the physical and energetic levels of the body/mind. Carolyn came to her work as an intuitive healer of energy medicine in 2007 through her love of animals and through her experiences as a professional violinist. As a Certified Accunect® (CAP), BodyTalk® (CBP), and Animal Energy® Practitioner (Level 1 & 2), she can bring both people and animals into balance on the physical, emotional and energetic levels, enabling the body to start the healing process.

Carolyn is able to bring together her unique expertise designed to help her animal friends – horses, dogs, cats, birds, etc – improve their physical, emotional and mental health as an Animal Communicator. As a horse owner and rider who has extensive experience in Show Jumping and Dressage (Bronze Medalist) herself, Carolyn’s specialty and affinity is working with horses, as her previous horse Red taught her how to trust her intuitive side and connect with her energy healing gift. She has the unique ability to help both horse and rider work better as a team to improve their performance level in either a recreational or show environment.

She is also a speaker who regularly presents interactive lecture and workshops about Energy Medicine, Animal Communication, Medical Intuition, and related healing topics.

A professional Violinist, with over 40 years experience, Carolyn performs regularly and also fulfills the role of Concertmaster in several organizations. As a Mindset/Performance Mentor, she helps musicians, actors, athletes, students, etc improve their performance abilities to the highest level. Having been through it herself, she is uniquely qualified to help people with their fears, insecurities, or just wanting to be the best at what they do.

Carolyn is a Certified Accunect SelfCare® Instructor, teaching people simple self-care routines. The first one they do on themselves, family and pets, giving them a general overall balancing of the mind and organ/meridian systems, and the second is useful for all types of emergencies, big and small.

Contact Carolyn Osborn:

Carolyn Osborn, Energy Intuitive
Certified Medical Intuitive, Animal Communicator, Certified Accunect & BodyTalk Practitioner, Performance Mentor 
Be Your Best in Body, Mind and Spirit
With Infinite Love and Gratitude

Contact Dr. Bunny Vreeland at (805) 482-8111 or E-mail:
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Healer Doris Muna joins Dr. Bunny to discuss healing essences and how they may help a person with a myriad of different challenges.

Doris has a company called Dorothea Healing and she makes all of her healing essences by hand. She explains the difference between an essence and an essential oil, and tells us that the essence holds healing powers that may help the soul.  Doris also shares interesting information on the process of creating an essence.

Tune in and learn how these wonderful essences may be a helpful tool in your life. A fascinating and informative interview you don’t want to miss!

About Doris Muna:
Doris is a third generation healer with over 25 years of experience. She studied with different master from all over the world to bring an understanding of how energy affects our health and wellbeing.
Doris’s philosophy is to find the reason for the disease or imbalance in the body. She does not believe in the “band-aid” approach and likes to dig into what is causing the discomfort or discord. She deals with various conditions for people, pets and the environment (Feng Shui).
Doris does all her sessions via phone/internet.  Healing from the comfort of your home.
Contact Doris Muna at (805) 807-3097
Also visit:

Contact Dr. Bunny Vreeland at (805) 482-8111 or E-mail:
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