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Chris Cioffi joins Dr. Bunny to discuss his journey to healing and slowly getting his life back together after a traumatic brain injury.

In 2012, Chris was involved in a very serious car accident when a driver ran a red light and smashed into the side of his car. The accident left Chris with a concussion, traumatic brain injury, and 24/7 headaches that kept getting worse.

For 8 years he suffered with the severe effects of his injuries and the medication the doctor gave him was not only NOT helping him heal, it was reducing his functionality even further.

Then, 16 months ago, a turning point happened that began his road to healing: Chris met someone who introduced him to LifeWave patches. Chris says it wasn’t a ‘quick fix’, but the LifeWave X39 patches have allowed him to slowly heal and get his life back.

Tune in and learn more about Chris and how he is sharing his personal story to help others with traumatic brain injuries, too!

An incredible story you definitely don’t want to miss!

About Chris Cioffi:

An accident in 2012 left me with debilitating and degenerating pain from minor traumatic brain injury. Neurological tests had my health level down to 10% functionality in November 2019. At the time I was laying in bed from 8-10 hours during the day holding a pillow in my arms and gripping my beard in both hands. There were many affiliated pain issues including nausea, dizziness, loss of mental focus, light and sound sensitivity, memory loss, sleep deprivation from pain and much more.

In February 2020 I was introduced to Lifewave X39 Stem Cell devices. After 8 years with no improvement and continuous reduction in functionality from a traditional pharmaceutical based health program, in just 6 months my health has improved to approximately 50% functionality. The majority of affiliated pain issues have been significantly reduced. Substantial improvements in both physical and cognitive capabilities.

Mission Statement: To assist and improve the mental, physical, emotional and financial health especially for people who want to recover from lost or diminished abilities. The foundation for this healing is based on providing interested parties with next generation safe, FDA approved medical technologies that expand upon and regenerate your own bodies healing capabilities without harmful pharmaceutical drugs or injections to achieve an improved healthy life.

I look forward to assisting others recover from mental injury or illness. One day, one step at a time. Contact me at 954-703-0090 (Text preferred).

Contact Chris Cioffi by text at (954) 703-0090 or E-mail:

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